New Product !!!! SY-BAR-05 Piratas mario game machine. For the further information, please check > Products / Mario / SY-BAR-05 Piratas page.
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笙揚電子開發有限公司 為國內外知名彈珠台製造廠商。


  We manufacture high quality of "Pinball Machine" and amusement game machine, such as Happy Ball, Orient Pearl, Peal of Orient, Royal Bingo, Bingo Star, Bingo Master, Flipper Pinball, and Mario. Products we manufacture are all popularized in Taiwan amusement market.
  We have been designing a lot of amusement game machines for our customers such as TV game, Small Mario, Pinball Machine, Slot Machine and all kinds of amusement game machines.
  Furthermore, we can feed your request for developing a special game machine by ODM. If you are interest in it or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Skype: